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ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

From The Desk Of  Derek Pryde

Are you tired of buying courses after courses from so-called marketing "experts" that promise you will make truckloads of cash but don't live up to their promises? Are you sick and fed up of trying out short-lived methods only to find out you were late to the party when everyone else already cashed out from the 'fad'?

Then it's time to stop whatever you're doing right now because it's obviously bringing little or no results to your bottom-line.

When I first went online in search of Internet riches, I was just like you. Naturally, I bought into a "make money" course to learn how to make an extra buck or two online. And guess what? I DID make an extra buck or two online, but that's after spending thousands of dollars on buying other people's courses - one after another!

I was lining up the pockets of other so-called marketing "experts" and making them rich in the process, at my expense. What I didn't know at that time was that there are a lot of people who make their money simply by just teaching other people how to do the same! To me, this is no different than the modern day pyramid scheme, or...

"The Modern Day Gold Rush!"

I bought into one course after another, each teaching conflicting advise and while I did make some money off doing certain methods I've picked up, they fizzled just as quickly because the methods were just 'fads' or one-trick ponies.

Was it frustrating? You bet it was!

I had a ClickBank account (today I have several) and like many other courses taught me to, I opened a free account with them so I could promote the abundance of choices of products in the marketplace as an affiliate.

Only problem was: "how the hell do I start stuffing in cash into my ClickBank account?"

With hundreds of thousands of affiliates around the world crawling the same marketplace, this meant I was in for stiff competition. At this point, I was already flushed out on my savings to buy another "expert course". Even if I had the money back then, I wasn't so sure I'd spend only to be disappointed again.

I tried so many marketing tactics and they didn't pan out.

Up to this point, I think you can relate very well with me.

But here's where I passed the line. I didn't call it quits nor did I give up. You know what's really strange but a gift at the same time? Gut feelings.

Logically speaking, there were so many reasons for me to give up and try something else. At this stage, making money elsewhere seemed so much easier and a very promising option indeed.

Failure after failure, I would have expected myself to quit, really! But I didn't. Because my gut feeling told me that it's too good to pass up. I know that the abundance of wealth is staring back at me every time I log onto the Internet, I just need to figure out how to do it correctly!

And one thing about me at that time is, I refused to sell a "guru course" of my own even though I thought I would make an easy small fortune, just like almost everyone else who seems to be doing so (and a tempting payback for the courses I've spent my own little fortune on).

But I am a person of my principles, and I refuse to sell anything that doesn't work, especially since I know it to be true!

"Fast Forward..."

I was promoting a product as an affiliate on ClickBank. It was probably beyond my 100th time trying to make money online and my desperation to make things work led me to try so many different things.

And one day I hit 'paydirt'.

I wasn't too quick to be happy because in the past, I had make some money here and there but they usually didn't last long.

Then another sale came in the next day.

And then another. And another. And another. Every day.

I grew confident but I didn't want to get too arrogant just yet. I duplicated the same thing I did with another affiliate site... and guess what? It started to roll in more cash into my ClickBank account too!

FINALLY... I cracked the code!

And because the method brings in predictable results I can confidently call it a system.

In the end I discovered how to build affiliate sites profitably after so long and I am thankful I didn't give up before this. And here's what else you need to know:

The conception of this system has little to do with the materials I've learned from the gazillions of "courses" - this gets me riled up sometimes even now, but I've taken very little lessons from those courses I've spent thousands on. And when I 'cracked the code' I found it ironic that it had little to do with what I know before this!

It takes little time to implement - forget spending months to drive in substantial traffic or even weeks to rank your sites for top keywords on Google. I found an easier way to get your affiliate sites to rank on Page 1 on Google in 3 hours... or less!

Irrelevant of competition - contrary to what I said earlier about competing with hundreds of thousands of affiliates, I gradually found out most of these people were just like me. They had next-to-no clue about making money online either! And when you unearth my accidental discovery, this will give you an instant edge over an army of competitors!

I don't pay for traffic - I used to pay for traffic last time believing that if I wanted to succeed I have to pay for it first. Well that has its merits but only if you know what you're doing. And if you know exactly what to do to get traffic to your sites, and you have a choice in not paying for it... well why not?

Doesn't require a genius or PhD to figure it out - there is nothing to "figure out". I've already done that for you. Personally, I like to keep things simple. I hate complicated stuff. If you're fed up of hearing 'experts' talking in jargons you don't understand, and you're tired of money-making fads... then this is your ticket out of all these B.S. and I'm going to show you where 'X' marks the spot!

“Introducing ClickBank Paycheck Secrets!...”

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

*Total Running Time: 1 hour 25 minutes 13 seconds*

Finally... Here's A Real Course That Shows You Exactly - Step-By-Step - How To Make Real Money!

And Line Your Own Pockets With Fat Checks From ClickBank... Week In, Week Out!

While this course is designed specifically for ClickBank affiliates, the principle in general works with affiliate marketing of any form. Even if you promote affiliate programs that are 3rd party or in-house, this will still work.

However I like ClickBank because it's convenient, there are new products added around the clock, and you can easily pick and promote any products from any niche - all in one place.

The core of my program is to learn how to build insanely profitable affiliate sites for yourself, achieve Page 1 rankings on Google in 3 hours or less... and do it "set it and forget it" style!

What You Also Need To Know About This Course:

This is NOT a course on one of those money-making fads. You've read my story. I am into building a business that lasts. I hate the idea of working my butt over and over again and that said, I hate buying into anything that teaches how to cash in on short-term trends.

This is NOT some overpriced E-Book. In fact, I recorded my teachings in video form so I explain to you better. I'm sure you've read tons of E-Books that give subjective, vague explanations. I've been there too and this is why I prefer to do videos to educate you better.

This is also NOT a course on how to make money in the "make money online" niche. A lot of marketing courses out there seem to direct other people into the same crowded, over-saturated "make money" niche... while the rest of the ocean is abundant! Conversely, my methods in just about any other niche with a demand.

I hope I've got you excited already. :-)

Here's a more detailed look at my step-by-step course:

Video 1 - Market Research

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

Stop hanging around the "make money" niche! This place is getting saturated by the hour. So many 'guru courses' teach their own students to come here first, only to be beaten and battered by superior marketers.

Learn how to find profitable niches that are untapped with minimal competition, and product to promote. Here I take you through several free or low-cost, readily available tools that will help you identify what exactly the market wants, trends and whether this niche is bound to convert or not.

Running Time: 12 minutes 08 seconds

Video 2 - Keyword Research, SEO Competition Analysis and Domain Secrets

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

Every time I come across a sales letter that says 'No Google needed' I cringe. This is what a lot of "make money fad" courses are about.

If you want to learn how to build a business that lasts, then here's how to generate a massive keyword list at a click of a button and uncover low SEO competition keywords that will help secure high rankings on Google!

There's also a little secret about domains that not many know about, which I discovered by accident! This little strategy alone will make sure your affiliate site shoot up the rankings with minimal to no backlinking efforts required.

Running Time: 13 minutes 51 seconds

Video 3 - Related Keywords

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

Continuing from where we last left, in this video you will learn how to find related keywords to your primary one to make your website keyword rich so that Google will have no choice but to rank your website.

This will also allow you to generate traffic from other keywords that we're not primarily targeting. This is long-tail keyword... being passive!

Running Time: 03 minutes 06 seconds

Video 4 - Wordpress Installation

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

How to redirect your Domain DNS to your webshosting provider and install Wordpress step by step. If you have no technical experience or consider yourself a 'noob' with script installation, don't worry. I will show you to set up your WordPress blog step-by-step.

By far, WordPress is the best way to set up your affiliate site's infrastructure because not only it's naturally SEO-friendly, you don't have to know HTML to know how to edit your website!

Running Time: 03 minutes 59 seconds

Video 5 - Wordpress Settings and Must Have Plugins

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

After installing WordPress, thsi is a walkthrough of WordPress essential settings, proven-to-conver themes to use (you can get them free by the way) and must-have plugins for Search Engine Optimization.

Running Time: 12 minutes 54 seconds

Video 6 - Adding Content to Your Website

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

How to add content to your website and where to put your affiliate links for optimal conversion. In here we also talk about pre-sell story copywriting strategies to build relationships with your visitors that will skyrocket your sales.

Remember that people only buy from those they like, trust and admire! Get this wrong and you probably wouldn't make any sales at all.

Running Time: 15 minutes 57 seconds

Video 7 - Creating Pages and Widgets

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

How to create pages and widgets to add more personality flavor to your website... overnight!

Running Time: 08 minutes 50 seconds

Video 8 - Getting Your Site Indexed Fast

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

Here's a myth I want to dispell and the proof is in this video.

Instead of waiting for months for Google to pick up your site, here are little known methods to get your brand new website indexed in less than 7 days! (can be faster actually, but since Google indexes hundreds of thousands of new sites a day this can take a while... sometimes)

The sooner you get indexed, the sooner you'll be climbing the ranks... which at this point can be done in 3 hours or less!

Running Time: 05 minutes 56 seconds

Video 9 - How to Scale Up to a 5 Figures Per Month Business

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

Here I answer some of the most common FAQs and how to crunch the numbers to scale up to a 5 figures per month business from affiliate marketing on ClickBank!

Running Time: 08 minutes 32 seconds


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“So How Much Is ClickBank Paycheck Secrets Worth To You?”

"So You're Probably Wondering..."

How much is this course? If you observe some of the guru launches in the last several months, their courses usually go for anywhere between $77 to $197. Yup, I used to buy into some of these courses in the past (not anymore now since I've wisen up and I've learned how to build a highly profitable affiliate business that's here to stay).

Now I'm going to speak candidly.

The methods in my course requires you to do some groundwork before you can start seeing results.

If that puts you off, feel free to continue buying into those $77 'magic pills'. I guarantee not only your tomorrow will never change, you will be come more broke by the day as you line up the pockets of other marketing 'experts'.

I used to do that last time. And I committed myself strongly to stop abusing my own finances on short-lived tricks and being ripped off.

But if you acknowledge that success requires you to work, then I've got a pleasant surprise for you.

For starters, all the guesswork have been done for you. Like I've said, there is nothing to "figure out". I've already done them for you.

Second, this course is going not for $197... Not even $17...

In fact you'll instantly be able to tap into the same knowledge and expertise that generated me a healthy income for my affiliate empire... just stuffing cash into my ClickBank account!

But just because this is below your usual "guru price" doesn't mean you should discount the power. The other reason why I'm charging you cheap (when I should be asking for a higher price after my relentless search) is because if you like what you see in my course, and apply successfully, I guarantee you will like my other products too when I release them.

So act now and don't put this off any longer. Because to put it bluntly: you are not the only person reading this letter now. Your would-be competitors are too. And you know the problem with saturated competition? You just wished you'd act sooner.

ClickBank Paycheck Secrets


Video Tutorials

Attention All ClickBank Affiliates... If You're Sick And Tired Of Your Sites Search Engine Rankings Being Stuck On Lower Google Pages When You Can Easily Be Cashing Insane Amount Of Commissions On Autopilot Traffic, You Need To Read This Letter Urgently...

Advanced Techniques Reveal Fool-Proof Results To Get Insane Google Ranking and Solid Online Traffic... And Beef Up Your ClickBank Checks On Steroids!”

Advance ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

If I can make a good guess, time isn't really on your side, you're deeply frustrated, and you want the answers - RIGHT NOW.

You've made a couple of websites to promote some products on ClickBank as an affiliate. Maybe you haven't a single dime yet. Maybe you already saw some sales but it's going at the speed of a leaking tap (where's the river gush?)

And you're thinking...

"When Can I Start Making BIG Money Like The Big Boys?"

Straight to the point:

ClickBank may have been around for more than a decade, but it's certainly not like what it used to be. It used to be less stressful making money from ClickBank years ago. Today, every time a new product launches on ClickBank, you can guarantee there will be thousands of other affiliates flocking to promote it. When that happens, this eats into your share of the pie.

You can no longer just bid on Pay-Per-Click campaigns like Google Adwords, send traffic directly to the merchant's site, and expect a windfall. Maybe that's true for Year 2003. But not anymore today.

Which leads to another point: even if you set up an affiliate site to collect leads before sending the prospect to the merchant's site (which is a smart move) problem is Google changes its rules every now and then. That's how the term "Google Slap" came about. They need to regulate the PPC advertisers from just sending people to squeeze pages. If you have friends who do PPC and complain about the "Google Slap"... now you know why.

If you are on a tight budget or have absolutely no clue how PPC works, all the more I think you should stay away from this. Yes, you can get faster results but if you don't know what you're doing you're just blowing your money away.

What about Search Engine Optimization? Ranking your website naturally for popular keywords related to your niche and the product you're promoting. But again, Page 1 on Google shows only 10 results. You have to have your website be at least among the top 10. And you're not the only one who thinks of that!

"So What Now?"

I've got good news: regardless of how many competitors you have trying to promote the same product as you do, the truth is that most of them are actually clueless about making money online too.

How else is it that only a small percentage of the people are actually making the biggest bulk of sales on the Internet?

Advanced CB Paycheck Secrets

You Can't Go Wrong With Advanced CB Paycheck Secrets... How To Become A Backlinking Ninja To Top The No.1 Positions On Google Where Most Of The Traffic Are!

Advance ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

Top Internet Entrepreneur, John Reese, the man who sold Traffic Secrets and the first person to make one million dollars in 24 hours, once said:

Autopilot Traffic = $ $ $

If you successfully rank your affiliate site on Google to suck in natural, targeted traffic by the thousands, you will achieve passive income... on autopilot!

Advanced CB Paycheck Secrets shows you how to become a backlinking ninja to top your affiliate sites on the No.1 position on Google, where most of the bulk of traffic are!

So the equation now is:

Create Your Affiliate Site -> Rank It No.1 On Google -> Get Autopilot Traffic -> Get Sales On Autopilot!

Here's the breakdown in this course:

Video 1 - Why Backlinking is So Important

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsExplains the basics of backlinking and why it is so important to be No.1. In here we demonstrate with an example of entering "click here" on google search and analysing deeper of the no.1 position which is Adobe Reader for this keyword. Here we also demonstrate the way seo traffic is divided in the top 10 and stats have shown, the no.1 spot gets 50% of the traffic/clicks!

Running Time: 07 minutes 00 seconds

Video 2 - Types of Backlinks

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsExplains the PR (Page Rank) term that Google uses to 'value' sites. The two major components of backlinks are Quantity vs Qualitye. Here we introduce to the users what type of links are quantity, such as mass article submissions and what types are quality are like getting links from authoritative sites (.edu .gov) and other high PR sites

Running Time: 08 minutes 34 seconds

Video 3 - Your Competition Analysis Spy Tools

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsOne of the most important factors about SEO is to Know Thy Enemy. In here we introduce some seo competition analysis tools and how to use them in order to know who we're up against. This way we'll get a gauge of what we need to do before spending any efforts at all into trying to rank for our campaigns.

Running Time: 16 minutes 11 seconds

Video 4 - Fast Indexation Tools

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsWhen we publish new content such as new blog posts, articles, videos, podcast or even a new backlink, it's very important to help Google find them as soon as possible. The robots will find them 'eventually', but we can also use PING tools to speed up the process so that it helps surge our rankings faster.

Running Time: 03 minutes 58 seconds

Video 5 - RSS Feeds

Advance ClickBank Paycheck Secrets


RSS feeds are an excellent source for traffic, repeated visitors and more importantly one-way backlink.


Running Time: 12 minutes 11 seconds

Video 6 - Social Bookmarks

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsExplains the concept and power of social bookmark where this is a backlinking strategy to expose your link to a network of people. Social bookmarking sites is an opportunity for your sites to become viral and as a result many more backlinks to your site to help boost your rankings.

Running Time: 09 minutes 21 seconds

Video 7 - Blogs and Forum Commenting

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsA powerful backlinking method where we aim for high PR sites to get backlinks. A secret tool will be introduced to find these authoritative sites and how we can post our comments in these sites and 'keep' them there. Many times people abuse this backlinking strategy and as a result they spam worthless comments and get their links removed and thus effort wasted. In this course you will learn how to do blogs and forum commenting the right way to ensure that your link stays in these high PR sites forever.

Running Time: 20 minutes 48 seconds

Video 8 - Web 2.0 Sites

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsWeb 2.0 sites is a powerful platform that allows interaction between two or more people. These are the type of sites that are in the list of "google's love". Here we'll have a walkthrough on how to create mini pages from these web 2.0 sites (squidoo/hub pages) and how to create backlinks from them.

Running Time: 12 minutes 33 seconds


Video 9 - Articles

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsHere we introduce the concept of 'how to do the work once and get 1000s of backlinks to your sites overtime'. This method is really quantitative vs qualitative. But still highly effective because google will see links being built to our site on a regular basis. But of course, we won't be submitting articles manually. In here we introduce some powerful tools (article spinners and submitters) that will automate the ENTIRE process.

Running Time: 16 minutes 00 seconds

Video 10 - Profile Links

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsDescription: A powerful source for PR4-9 back links that's guaranteed to help you surge up the search engine results. You can ranked the no.1 position just by focusing on this 'one' method alone.

Running Time: 11 minutes 22 seconds

Video 11 - .Edu and .Gov

Advance ClickBank Paycheck Secrets.Edu and .Gov backlinks are highly valued by Google. These type of links have been known to multiply the value by 25x over regular pages with the same PR! So 1 PR1 .edu link is equivalent to 25 PR1 regular site. These type of links are hard to come by but we introduce a secret code to show you how to find a list of them.

Running Time: 10 minutes 09 seconds

Video 12 - The Link Building Plan and Keeping It Organized

Advance ClickBank Paycheck SecretsAs you've learned there are many ways to build links and it can get overwhelming. Here you will learn how to organize a link building matrix to follow. Re-emphasis of the importance of automating the process using tools because backlinking is just hard labour. Alternatively, you may also outsource to sites like digital point and warrior forum.. and closing of course.

Running Time: 07 minutes 03 seconds

Top your affiliate site on Google rankings... in any niche!

Get massive traffic going into your affiliate website on autopilot!

Don't have to worry about competitors beating your site in rankings because it's already paved solid...

No longer fork out a single cent in paid advertising that will eat into your profits, while bearing the risk all by yourself!

And your business is here to stay regardless of how the rules change... because they won't affect you, and you don't have to bother!

If someone offered to show me all these great strategies years ago when I started, I would have paid $500 which is a small pittance to the impact it would bring onto my business as an affiliate on ClickBank.

What's $500 when you can be raking in thousands of dollars, week in week out... and on autopilot traffic you work for only once!

Now here's the thing: when I started out I didn't really have that kind of money to blow away. It was very risky and every cent counted at that time. I think you can relate to this. Many other people definitely can!

So don't worry, I'm not going to ask you for anything close to $500...

Not even half, in fact.

Not even a quarter of it!

"Act Right Now And Get This Course For Just $297   $9.99"

Well there you have it. Place your order now by clicking on the orange button below. You will go through the process of purchasing my course online via the secure server and after successful authentication, you can download these videos immediately.

Stop wasting your money and time chasing those so called '3 clicks to Auto Traffic Google loophole get rich quick' software programs that promise easy money for doing nothing.

Trust me, the only people getting rich off those are the product creators.

If you're looking for solid, effective & REAL methods that WORK then you need to get this course right now.

Advance ClickBank Paycheck Secrets

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P.S. Don't let the fear of not knowing limit your ability to make a substantial living online hold you back! This product alone will help you get solid results faster than doing and figuring out all the fussy work by youself!

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